Monday, June 16, 2008

A Note of False Humility

I just received the best compliment I could have possibly gotten.

Someone came to church yesterday whom I haven't seen for almost a year. Tom is a fairly wealthy individual, a committed Christian, whom I prayed for and talked with for a number of years. He would come to the services, discuss with me and the other homeless folks and ask penetrating questions about our ministry and the plight of the homeless.

Now Tom drives around Portland and Vancouver, with his trunk full of blankets, socks and jackets and scans the side streets for homeless folks, freely giving and openly inviting them to his church.

And he told me that he wouldn't be doing this ministry were it not for us and our work in Anawim.

That's just wonderful and I feel proud to be a part of God's work in Tom's life.

He also encouraged me to tell my story more. And I admit, I have, and this blog is part of letting people know how God has led us.

But I feel nervous, as well. It is as if I am boasting about the things that God has wrought. I don't want to enact the sin of Moses, taking for myself that which God has done. Sure, my wife and I made some tough choices in the past that enabled us to do the ministry we are doing.

But it isn't us, really, it's God and the people who have supported us. We are dependent completly on them and their faithfulness. God's power and work are so enormous that we can't possibly grasp it. Even with the small sacrifices and dependence we have shown, we have only scraped the surface of God's providence and grace.

It is wonderful to see others see us as an inspiration. But Jesus did it first, and better. I hope that we all look to Him for our inspiration.

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