Monday, February 2, 2009

Essential Info About Diane!

1. I'm a military brat (an auspicious beginning for a Mennonite pastor's wife) and have lived in 6 states and 2 other countries.

2. I used to secretly look under toadstools for fairies. What!? How do you KNOW they're not real?!

3. I don't see how anyone who has tasted chocolate can possibly be an atheist.

4. On a similar note, although I love ice cream, who needs ice cream when you have mashed potatoes?

5. I think ipods would be better if they had buttons.

6. When I was a year old I asked for milk. My mom gave it to me in a cup, but I wanted a bottle. She held firm and so did I. I was 13 before I discovered that milk actually tasted pretty good. The difference between then and now is that I don't scream and drum my heels on the floor when I'm feeling stubborn anymore. :-)

7. My earliest favorite T.V. shows were Dark Shadows and Dragnet. I was 3.

8. I used to have a total crush on Aragorn. Mind you, we're talking about the real Aragorn--not the one in the movie.

9. My "comfort read" authors are Georgette Heyer, Diana Wynne Jones, and Dick Francis.

10. Um... I'm feeling very compelled to add the dozens of other authors that are my particular favorites, but I won't. They're not my "comfort reads".

11. I have never seen American Idol or Survivor.

12. I am firmly convinced that there will be no itching in Heaven.

13. It turns out that babies DON'T come from under cabbage leaves, after all. My first one treated me to 6 months of morning sickness, a 36 hour labor, a c-section, and then colic 24 hours a day. And then I had 2 more! Makes you wonder, huh?

14. But as proof that I am not a masochist, I submit the fact that I do not own any heels or panty hose.

15. I used to read about the sentient computers in Orson Scott Card and Robert Heinlein and then I actually got on a computer. What a disapointment! It was a very long time before I would even try to do anything on computers. They're just so boring compared to the ones in my books.

16. I like to say things with flair. Some might call it an addiction. But hey, have you seen the price of greeting cards lately? And flair is free! Woo hoo!!! Happy days!!! I think I need to excuse myself for a moment. The flair is calling....

17. My husband and I had a creed in high school of "4 Things We Agree On". These were (1) Steve
is an idiot, (2) Diane is impossible, (3) we hate each other, and (4) we never agree on anything.
Boy, did we have a lot of fun with that. We had a very literal friend who just found the whole
thing crazy-making.

18. Food always sounds yummy if there's cream in the ingredients. Mmmmm... cream.

19. I prefer talking on the phone to written communication, and talking face-to-face over both.

20. I broke my nose in high school playing the dangerous contact sport of badminton.

21. Steve was my first Christian friend. We met in 10th grade and I thought it was so cool that he was a believer, too. In fact, I discovered it over a discussion of Narnia.

22. We went to the top of Multnomah Falls as a family when Mercy was 5 1/2 weeks old. Ian ran the whole way, the little energy vampire.

23. I've never had a driver's license.

24. I once met a king. Well, a sheikh actually.

25. The movie "Purple Rose of Cairo" had one of the worst endings in movie history. I still feel the need for therapy 24 years later. But as my flair tells me, screaming obscenities is cheaper. So consider them screamed.

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