Monday, March 16, 2009

Jump in a Dumpster, Go To Jail

Just read this blog post:

So dumpster diving is outlawed in Sacramento. I'm not sure that the purpose of it is an anti-homeless law. However, I do think that it is a narrow minded policy.

As a regular dumpster-diver myself, part of the benefit of diving is to limit the terrible waste of reusable, recylcable material. We are throwing away our resources-- if some wish to use the resources we throw away, then why not?

Also, as the poster wrote, as poverty increases in our country then so will the need for alternative resources. It seems a poor time to pass such a law.

If the reason for the law is as stated, to limit identity theft, then it seems as if they are focused on the wrong arena. Perhaps the money that would be spent in enforcing an anti-dumpster diving law would be better spent educating people how to dispose of their personal information.

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Chris said...

I think they are afraid of identity theft.