Friday, May 8, 2009

Parable of the Household

The kingdom is like a household with many slaves and the owner placed one slave over the others as a steward. Most of the slaves rejoiced at the Lord’s choice and obeyed the steward joyfully. But others’ knowing him for a long time, said, “We have seen this man’s deeds from long ago. He is not worthy to be steward, so we will not obey him.” One of the slaves said, “If he is worthy to be steward, then I am, as well.” So he made himself steward and some of the slaves began to obey him rather than the chosen steward. Thus the household dissolved into chaos, dissension and fighting.

Hearing of this state in the household the Lord divided the household into two camps, saying, “I cannot have chaos in my household. Each of you slaves go to the steward you wish to obey. But I, myself, will only bless the camp of my chosen steward.”

Then the camp of the proud steward, jealous of the first camp’s blessing, arose and attacked the blessed camp, killing the chosen steward. For a long time, both camps were mixed and there was confusion as to who should be obeyed. Finally, the Lord said, “I have set cameras throughout my household. My guards will continue to examine each slave to see who is loyal to me and who is not. Those disloyal to me and my word will be cast out of the household.”

Even so, the untrustworthy will be made trustworthy only by trusting in the Lord. While he who trusts only in himself will be found disloyal.

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