Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Homeless Now or In Eternity-- Ron Rohman

This is a response from Ron Rohman, a minister in Portland for many decades, both on the street and off to my open letter to church in East Multnomah County:


We do indeed live in a fallen world. All of these things do occur between those who have houses and those who do not.

And for those who are captives of such behavior there is the cross -- the death burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And there is the power of the Holy Spirit.

So there are those who are homeless in eternity and those who are not.

So for those who are houseless in this present life but not homeless in eternity there is the community of believers called the church which is on the earth.

May we each keep our eyes and ears open for our brother and sister in these difficult times. May we each be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and not be in such a hurry in this culture that we miss out on an opportunity to minister to Jesus as we remember His words in Matthew 25.

Mercy, grace, and peace be with us all during these dark and difficult days.

~ Ron R.

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