Sunday, February 14, 2010

Health Drive for the Homeless!

There have been requests by some of the homeless on the streets of Gresham and Portland to have some health items for their use. Some items that are simple for most of us to pick up for ourselves can accumulate to a lot of money for those on the streets. Perhaps you or your church would be interested in having a drive for these needed health and hygiene products? Some of these items would be given directly to people on the streets, while some would be kept in first aid kits for use when they are needed. Any items donated would be given to Anawim and if we have excess of any of the items, we will pass them on to other organizations in the Portland area that are serving other parts of the homeless community.

The list is put in order of need:

Hand warmers
Disposable razors
Cold medicine-- decongestant, antihisthemine, cough medicine
Individual packs of tissue
Packs of alcohol swabs
Anti-bacterial ointment
Gauze pads (all sizes)
Hand sanitizers

Please contact us if you want more info: or

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