Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Dreams of Jeff Strong

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Walking down a road, through a city of desolation and on the out skirts of the city I encountered women dressed in shimmering gowns.
Philosophies of this world were upon their lips like sweet honey they purred out invitations to come join them on their beds and lie with them.
Further down the road I see a bridge engulfed in flame and large billowing clouds of smoke. Black Smoke oozing from its sides and I feel a beckoning to enter the flames and cross the bridge. As I draw near a personage rises up before me and attempts to dissuade me from my course and a debate ensues; eventually I resolve to enter in and walk past the personage and into the flames.
Immediately my clothes are consumed and as I proceed other properties that I have acquired in my journeys are also consumed by the flames. Upon reaching the other side, I find myself clothed in the shining Armor of Light and a friend waiting for me. As we greet each other we turn into a gate where the Gatekeeper greets us both and then announced us to the guest inside and we entered in.
-October 31, 1993

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