Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Radical Changes in Anawim

I sent out a letter requesting pledges for finances so that Anawim might obtain management over the Peace Mennonite property. One of the churches we sent the letter to asked for more information about our financial accountability. This is my response:

The fact is, up until this point, Anawim has only received less than 10,000 a year. With this budget, plus "in-kind" donations, we have been able to maintain three places of worship/meals and a community house. Now, with this new opportunity, should the Lord provide it for us, it will no longer be a "family budget" ministry, with minimal financial accountability, but a larger income. With this in mind, we are meeting with an accountant tomorrow to try to set up guidelines for financial accountability, and to set up our books in a proper way, which has not been necessary before.

If you have any recommendations of what you think we ought to have for financial accountability, please let us know. We have not, up to this point, been "money people". We've been collecting donations and getting them out the door as quickly as possible-- housing, feeding and spiritually feeding people with all of our energy. And while not cutting back on any of our ministry, we plan to add more ministry in. For this we need not only finances, but we need counsel to help us provide balance to our finances, our volunteers and our ministry growth. Any help you could give us would be welcome.

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