Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Your Group Can Help Anawim!

Help Stop Starvation Sunday:
East County needs another meal on Sundays, or a place to host a meal. Covenant Connection is no longer able to serve at Zarephath Kitchen, and they were the only meal on Sundays two times a month. Covenant Connection is looking for another facility to serve, or if there can be another group that serves at
Zarephath. 503-888-4453

Grow, Grow, Grow:
Anawim has begun a community garden in its Gresham location. If anyone would like to participate in gardening, building a greenhouse, or general upkeep, please call Pastor Jeff 503-593-5379.

Keep a 25 Year Old Program Afloat:
Anawim has had to reduce their meals at Sunnyside Methodist on Fridays due to a lack of volunteers. If your group is willing to volunteer to cook, serve and clean up after a meal (food provided) in SE Portland, please let us know. 503-888-4453

Worship and Service Opportunity:
If your church would like to share your worship and serve a meal to our homeless and mentally ill members, we have opportunities available on Tuesday nights. 503-593-5379
And please remember the needs list!

Transportation Volunteers:
We need a list of people who would be willing to transport people to and from doctor appointments and social services appointments.

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