Thursday, April 14, 2011


A poem by Diver, who lives on the street in Gresham and Portland:

I wanna follow Jesus
I wanna bear my cross
Repent what I have done
Regret what I have lost
Admit when I've done wrong
Confess all of my sins
I leave my worldly walk
My walk with God begins
I try to right my wrongs
In every way I can
First before my Father
And then my fellow man
Mend my relationships
With family and friends
Replace the bad with good
On this my soul depends
Christ Jesus holds the key
To everyone's salvation
70 x 7
My sins are forgiven
Overcoming suffering
Pray I'm purpose-driven

Everyone is born to sin
I'm not judgin' I'm just sayin'
Good News! Jesus is comin'
We'll see everybody prayin'

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