Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cause of Homelessness: Bad Past

I have a family and a single person who have the money to get an apartment, but they can't.  Is it because of a bad credit check?  No.  Because of a bad reference?  Nope.  It is because they have a five year old felony.

Most apartments won't take you if they can show that you have significant jail time in your past. One of my friends has a job and a beautiful ten month old daughter and wife, but once the apartment managers see the jail time, he's rejected.  Even though he has had a clean record since he got out of jail and had voluntarily finished a rehab program and has a good paying job.  No one will touch him.

Another of my friends has a serious injury.  His hip is giving out and he is unable to walk very far.  He could go to the store as needed, but he can't be homeless any more.  He sleeps on one of my extra couches, but he has the money from disability to get an apartment, or at least to room with another person. But if he applies with another person, they will reject them both because he has a record, which is now six years old.

These are the people ready to get off the street.  But a number of the street folks are looking and saying, If it is this hard to get off the street, why bother trying?

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