Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Basic Education on the Homeless

No matter how much we think we know about the homeless, there's always more to learn.  Here are some basic articles and videos about helping and humanizing the homeless.

Health issues for the homeless
"Trauma, in one Australian survey, affected 100 percent of homeless women and 90 percent of homeless men. "

Top ten health issues for the homeless
"Homelessness has also been associated with seizures. In one 2006 study, 49.3% of people in the sample group were diagnosed with epilepsy and 40.7% with alcohol-related seizures."

Why the homeless are so much trouble to our society
"Our irrational disgust is the source for the many reasons we avoid the homeless"

What prejudice against the homeless looks like
"I wonder if homeless people go to heaven."

What causes homelessness
No matter what the specific causes are, every person is homeless because they don't have a sufficient support network

Susan Fiske on Dehumanization
"People see the homeless as a garbage heap."

How are the homeless dehumanized
“The homeless are under constant danger of attack.”

What rehumanizing the homeless looks like
"Homeless man gets a home"

Rehumanizing the homeless
“Assisting the homeless isn’t as easy as giving someone a sack lunch.”

Helping the homeless locally
"Why has God forsaken us?"

How we can really help the homeless
“The real solution is to provide opportunities for the homeless to help themselves.”

Homeless bill of rights
“Better laws and passage of good bills don't just happen.”

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