Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Conversation in the Anawim House

A conversation that happened this morning in the Anawim community house:

Diver: I learn a lot of new words from Boggle on computer. For instance, I learned that “Ted” is a word.

Steve: What does it mean?

Diver: “Making rows of hay” or something. Here, I’ll look it up.

Steve: I’ve got a meeting this morning with a guy named Ted.

Diver: (Looking in the dictionary) Who is this ‘Ted’?

Steve: Um… he’s a guy.

Diver: What kind of guy?

Steve: He’s a mediator.

Diver: And what are you seeing him about?

Steve: Ummm, I can’t tell you.

Diver: (Under his breath) It’s hard to follow you on my bike… (Aloud) Oh, here it is! Ted is “a person or machine that makes piles of manure” You ought to mention this at the beginning of your meeting!

Steve: Sure, if I wanted to have the mediator against me right off the bat. “Hey, did you know what ‘ted’ means? It reminds me of you.”

Diver: “You are such a ted”

Steve: “Oh, hi, this is a ted, isn’t it?”

Diver: “The Tedinator”

At this point, the conversation stops because Steve has ceased from breathing from laughing so hard.

Diver: Oh, you really CAN die laughing, can’t you?

Steve: Yeah, my wife will get up and I’ll say “Ted almost killed me this morning.” And she’ll say, “Over the phone?”

Diver: You know, there is no way that you’ll be able to talk to this guy without breaking out in laughter, don’t you?

Steve: It’s okay. I’ll check my email first. That always depresses me.

May 6, 2008

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