Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Homeless Woman Vindicated

Yesterday, Mary MacQuire, a homeless woman in Gresham (and a
participant in Anawim) won a case against the city of Gresham and a
Gresham police officer against brutality.

Two years ago, Mary was beaten by a police officer twice her size and
tazed four times in succession by a tazer that has been declared
illegal in many countries and cities in the United States. This was
done without any charge being given against her and without any
being posed to the police officer.

The jury, finding that Mary was brutalized simply because she was
homeless, awarded her with 80 thousand dollars.

Please pray for Mary that she would use the money wisely, to get her
and her mother and sister into secure housing.

Pray for the police officer that he would learn the compassion of
Jesus for those in need.

And pray for Gresham, that they would realize that homeless people
people and need to be treated the same as everyone else.

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