Tuesday, September 23, 2008

News: Church Taken To Court For Helping Homeless

Pittsburgh-Area Pastor Fights to Let Homeless Live in Church

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Rev. Jack L. Wisor wants to "help those in need" by housing the homeless within his Brookville, Pa., church. Local officials, however, say he's violating zoning requirements. Brookville borough solicitor Stephen French said First Apostles Doctrine Church might have good intentions, but may not use the church as a homeless shelter because it is located in a commercial district. A district judge has upheld the borough's position, but at least one more court hearing is scheduled. "We should be permitted to have missionaries, guests or anyone to stay in the parsonage under our rights of religious belief" said the Rev. Wisor, a minister for nine years. "Our concern is, what gives them the right to come in and tell you who you can and cannot keep in your home?"

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Anonymous said...

I wish that there were more ministers /persons that cared about those who are in need and took a stand for them some one needs to have the compassion and mercy. The heart of Christ is an amazing thing to have!