Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tip For Churches-- Street Greeters

Interaction Tip: Street Greeters
If you would like to have the homeless feel welcome at your church, then have a special greeter for them. This greeter is to specifically “dress down”, looking comfortable in the sanctuary in jeans and a t-shirt. The street greeter should be on the look out for the homeless and the mentally ill to specifically welcome them and to explain to them about the service. The street greeter could also keep an eye on the guests to make sure that they are alright and to give them a gentle reminder to respect others around them if needed. If a guest is causing too much of a fuss, then the street greeter could gently lead them outside, and recommend that their street guest could perhaps come again when they are more ready to be in that group of people. Most of all, however, the street greeter is to make them feel at home, as if they were coming to the family to which they had never belonged before.

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