Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rev. Jeff Strong of Anawim

NPR, on their show Day to Day, just broadcast yesterday an interview with Jeff Strong. Much to my surprise, this reputable news organization announced that the Rev. Jeff Strong was running Anawim Christian Community in Portland, OR!

Of course, I was glad to hear this, so I immediately wrote Jeff to let him know of the things that he needed to do as the new head of Anawim-- including finding a number of volunteers for some meals coming up. And I also wrote him, "If you wanted my job, all you needed to do is ask!"

It is a good interview, dispite the one minor error in reporting and you can hear it here:

By the way, this NPR broadcast was also refered to by Christianity Today's News Feed.

Ah, this would be so great for my humility, if only I could stop laughing about it!


spike0xff said...

So Steve - Who *is* Jeff Strong then? Is the NPR news story true at all or in part? My wife's inquiring mind wants to know.

Steve Kimes said...

Jeff is a great brother who, with his wife, has been helping us out at Anawim. The NPR interview is pretty accurate, but it is reflecting Jeff's own experience with street folks, rather than Anawim's. I just found out from him as well that a longer interview (and hopefully more accurate) will be broadcast on Friday. I can't remember the show, but when I find out about it, I'll blog it.

Steve K