Friday, December 26, 2008

Street Musicians

Recently a filmmaker named Mary Ann Benner has done a documentary on street musicians in Portland called "In Plain Sight."

When talking about street people, we need to include the musicians. They are also panhandling, but in a way that is acceptable to our culture. Nevertheless, they have a hard row to hoe, as they do not know whether they will have a good day or a bad one, a good month or a bad one. Will they be able to pay their rent, buy their food? It is all up to the generosity of strangers.

This documentary has one of the long-term Anawim folks as a featured performer. His name is Kevin Wayne (whose secret birth name is Kevin McFall-- don't tell him I told you!), and he has been leading worship in Anawim and at Peace Mennonite Church in Portland since 1999. He is a fantasic musician, and he still plays every first friday of the month at Sunnyside Methodist (SE 35th and Yamhill).

Anyway, it's great that Kevin got this opportunity.

Do you want to see and hear him? Although the recording of him isn't the best-- he usually sounds MUCH better-- the second clip is really good. Check it out at:

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Mary Anne said...

Hi Steve,

I really appreciate you letting me come in to film Kevin. It meant a lot to see what individuals and groups such as yourself are doing in the area to help others who are going with-out.