Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun and Ministry

A week ago Tuesday, Anawim had Johnny Cash night. We played Johnny Cash music, and showed the movie, Walk the Line. It was awesome. We had our largest attendance—70 people. And it was a blast.

Pleasure is one of the basic needs of humanity. Without a sense of pleasure, we move into deep depression, have no motivation for life and could possibly commit suicide.

God is all for having a good time. I often talk about the tithe of Deuteronomy 14, where the landowners are to take ten percent of all they earned that year (all grain, livestock, money, etc), and spend it on one huge party before the Lord, that all the poor and the community is invited to. God COMMANDS his people to have a good time and to blow a wad of cash. That’s cool.

Jesus’ ministry was to go from one town to another, preaching the gospel. What’s rarely spoken of, though, is that everywhere Jesus went there was a party, in which he was the guest of honor. Jesus was the original party animal. This is how come Jesus was called a “glutton” by his enemies.

It is not only okay to have a party, but God requires us to.

For this reason, it is important in Anawim to have humor and enjoyment in as much of our lives as we can. If we were as somber as our calling, we would fail our calling.

And it isn’t enough for us to just crack a joke at a beginning of a sermon. Fun should be woven into the fabric of all that we do. If we don’t enjoy it, no one else will, either. We need to seek the pleasure, so we can share it.

It is depressing enough to be homeless. We should make coming to church a bright spot in a poor person’s day.

Related to this, Anawim is trying to raise some money so we can provide art supplies for the folks on the street so they can worship God through paint, drawing and collage. If you’d like to help us in this, let us know.

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