Friday, October 31, 2008

God Provides... Again

Last week we weren’t able to pay our bills—two of them overdue. Actually, my cell phone got cut off. I prayed to the Lord about getting us money for our bills. He responded immediately by having one of our accounts go under with a 30 dollar fee. Later that week, He provided us with 400 dollars in the pushka.

However, this happens pretty frequently. Last year the house was out of groceries, and I was praying pretty hard for God to provide immediately. Diver goes out that morning for his daily dumpster run, and senses that he needs to go north instead of east, his usual direction. He ends up at a Fred Meyers, where the dumpster was full of boxed frozen food, just dumped that morning. He filled up his bike trailer and filled our freezers.
Then I received a call from a brother I hadn’t heard from for a year. He said that he needed to see me that day. We met a couple hours later where he gave me $200 cash. If he had given me a check we wouldn’t have been able to get groceries for two days, as it was a Saturday. As it was, I was able to go out that afternoon and fill our fridges and cupboards.
Of course, the groceries only lasted less than a week. Darn those teenage boys!

Another time last year, earlier in the year, we needed two hundred dollars—a hundred and eleven to pay our electricity bill—we were already past due to be shut off— and the rest to pay our phone bill. I told our need to our homeless and disability-dependent congregation. An unorganized offering was taken and we received exactly a hundred and eleven dollars. We were able to just avoid having our electricity being shut off. Later that week, we received another gift to cover the phone bill.

These are just relatively recent occurrences. This is pretty regular. We pray, and usually without us letting anyone know, God provides by nudging people by His Spirit.

So, if you ever thought about having a ministry to the poor, but didn’t have a means to take care of your basic needs—don’t worry, God will care for you. Just pray and depend on Him.

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