Monday, October 20, 2008

Pray With Us


Pray that Jason will be healed and seek God's power for his life. His heart valves are falling apart and can't be replaced.

Pray that Klip will seek God's help and stay in treatment.

Pray that Bruce, who has recently been diagnosed with liver disease, will get new housing at the end of this month instead of having to live back on the street.

Pray that Linda will find housing before the winter comes.

Pray that Rhonda will survive this winter, as her circulation is so bad that she might freeze to death.

Pray that God will speak to Troll, to Schultz, to Jerry, to Dion, to Sharie, to Pic, to Styx and that they listen so they can live.

Pray that Diver stays sober and on fire for the Lord.
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