Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Clutter: A Battle in the Class War

The wealthy have the ability to get rid of stuff, because they know what they can do without, and if they accidentally get rid of what they need, they can buy another.

The poor have to keep more stuff around because they don't know yet what they need and if they get rid of what is necessary, they suffer. And people ask them, "Why did you get rid of that? Didn't you know you'd need it?"

When people look at camps of homeless folks and see all the clutter, they don't understand that it is survival gear, not garbage. You try to put all of the possessions you'd absolutely need in one tent-- clothes, cooking/eating gear, communication, entertainment, bedding, paperwork, health supplies, etc (and, dare I say it, books?)-- and tell me that you wouldn't have spillover.

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