Thursday, September 29, 2016

No Where To Lay His Head Podcast

Ravenwolf Phoenix Sch.... something, something, something
Well, it took a long time, but we have the first episode of a new podcast finished!  It is called "Nowhere To Lay His Head" and it is a collection of conversations with people affected by poverty and homelessness and how they use their spirituality to make it through their lives.

RavenWolf Phoneix Schmick-Justice has struggled the majority of his life to hold onto who he is. On today's podcast, Raven talks about: how he became homeless; his multiple personality disorder; his adoption into a white Russian Jewish family in New Jersey; the struggles and racism he faced  from his adoptive family and the community he was raised in; the years of sexual abuse he faced as a child from his adoptive father, his need to reconnect with his Native American birth family and how, how his life changed after he did and what he is learning now about the ways of his ancestors.

He's articulate and has a unique point of view, as well as a unique life.  We hope you enjoy the conversation!

Check out the latest episode of our podcast, Nowhere To Lay His Head!

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