Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Shepherd and the Dog

A shepherd needed his sheep to move to a different place, so he sent his dog, who nipped and bit the sheep, leaving some of the sheep injured. This happened every day for weeks. The sheep gathered together and whispered to each other, "The shepherd wants to injure us. We will die like this!"
Eventually, the shepherd build a fine house for the sheep to live in. So he sent his dog to give the sheep the good news. The sheep whispered among themselves, "This is the slaughterhouse. Finally the dog and the shepherd gets rid of us!" And the sheep stood up, trampled the dog out of fear and ran as far away from the house as they could.
If the city council refuses to speak directly to the homeless, but send ruffians out to move and harm them, what makes them think that the homeless will believe them when the city tells them that they have a fine shelter to live in?

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