Monday, January 2, 2017

Hope for Homeless Families

Cindy Hines has been involved in helping the poor her whole life.  In this podcast, Steve talks to her about her life of helping the poor, the importance of the Catholic Worker movement and her latest project, RVs for Families.

You can connect to Nowhere To Lay His Head podcast on iTunes, or you can listen to the interview with Cindy Hines here.


Anonymous said...

I happened to come across this interview .. very good. I live in Lents and currently looking at the homeless crisis through a different lens. My neighbors and I feel like we have been in lock-down mode for the past year. There is a feeling that we have to defend our homes and persons from the influx of people who bare a criminal element and happen to be homeless. It's unhealthy for oneself and the community - trust is non-existent between the community, the advocates and the homeless people. This needs to change; how, I'm not sure, but if reasonable people (seems to me like both people in this interview) can sit down and begin to understand each other, there may be hope. A lot of damage was done last year and it will definitely take time, but I'm hoping goodwill will prevail.

Steve Kimes said...

I agree that it needs to change. We need to have projects we can work on communally and we need to find areas of agreement. There are more than we might think, initially. I hope that we can achieve this.