Sunday, January 22, 2017

Karen on the Street: Forced to Move

Who do I chew up and spit out for this one? 

TP Produce is making our campmates move out of the edge of the parking lot. I have no place to put 4 tents across the street only have room to keep 2 partly dry. 

Had to have been a complaint or the police calling the owners again. The stupidity and selfishness of people who can't go about their daily lives without causing someone with enough shyt on their plate some more. 

Here you're at work, lets tell you to move your tent. 
You're sleeping.. get up move your tent. 

They aren't blocking parking, they aren't messing with the trucks, 

WAIT.. WAIT.. Maybe it is seeing us out here cleaning up the garbage YOU throw down 

or maybe it's the fact we have chased away taggers serveral times from your trucks... 

No wait... 

The fact you are trying to live your life on public display to be judged convinced and imprisoned on the streets...

to have mistakes that aren't yours shoved in your face you are punished for someone else's misconception of who or what I am. 

So now Larry and Kenney and Kristy and our uncle's tent all have to move. Larry is the most challenging to move. He is someone that only 3 people can really handle he resects us and knows we will not take his crap. Kenny is scared change is hard everytime you do it and go away from comfort zones you withdraw a little more from the human race. Kirsty well I have no problems telling her to move. 😉 We will place her at the end of the line on the other side. 

We will work it out. We always do. Worst part of it all is now we have everyone has high tension. Just another day of people being uncaring, unfeeling, judgmental bigots

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