Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ideas on Feeding Homeless Folks

On Quora, the question was asked, "How do I feed the homeless?"

Let me give you a couple suggestions that I’ve tried:

1. Find one homeless person and invite them out to dinner. Ask them questions, listen to them. Next time, take a different person out or the same person. But get to know them.
2. Invite a homeless person to your home to have dinner with your family. If they seem okay, invite them again.
3. Go to an organization in your area that serves the homeless. Learn what they do and why they do it. Ask a lot of questions. Then, if you feel ready for the next step, find an area of need that they aren’t meeting and see if you can meet it.
4. Find someone who knows the local homeless and ask them to help you set up a meal for the homeless in your area. Put up fliers and serve a meal in a central area for the homeless. If it works out well, come back the next week.
5. Keep sandwiches or well-wrapped food in your car and hand them out to beggars or at camps you see by the road.

Don't be pushy, don't give more than you came to give, be attentive to them as a human being.

Try not to replicate what is already being done in your area.  Join, don't replace.

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