Saturday, January 3, 2009



Okay, I love M.C. Escher. But beside that, this is an excellent illustration of how individuals create each other.

Each of us are independent, separate, but at the same time, we are influencing each other, sometimes in insideous ways. The more we spend time together, the more influence we have, the more influence we feel. Eventually, we cannot tell what is really us, and what has been created by another. And the same goes for those we spend time with. They can't tell what of themselves is really themselves and what is us. Ultimately, especially in community, everyone is everyone created. We are all a part of each other, inseparable. And even if we are apart from our community, we bring that community to anyone and everyone we meet.

For this reason, the middle class needs to spend more time with the homeless. NOT so the homeless would be more like the middle class, although that would certainly be part of what happens. It is because we need to influence each other. We need to not just feel pity for the homeless, but realize that their way of life also makes some positive critiques of our own, just as the middle class can do for them.

But if the homeless never spend time with the middle class, then the two groups will become more disassociated, more fearful of each other, which leads to prejudice, hatred and violence.

Stop Hobophobia!

Get to know a homeless person!
Or if you're homeless, make friends with a middle class person!
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