Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meet the Anawim

We are the Anawim.

We are wounded, yet seeking God for healing. We believe with a fierceness and a tenacity. We know that without Jesus, we couldn’t survive a single day.

In our woundedness, we often falter. Some of us are addicts, some of us hurt others, some of us are mentally ill. However, even in the midst of the small harms, we carry great love. We have to help the desperate, because no one else will do it.

We live with great sorrow, but also experience great joy. We live our lives to the full, although many say that our lives are worth nothing. But we would say that a life of experiencing the heartache of the street and the isolation of mental illness, but in care of others and the forgiveness of Jesus is better than the mind-numbing lives of the middle class.

Even if our lives are a small thing in the eyes of the world, they are a shining twinkle in God’s eye.

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