Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our 15 Minutes Turns Into 20

Today, the article in the Oregonian came out. Got a couple good photos, and the article was pretty good. Read it here before you read my comments:

You can also check the "In Portland" section of today's Oregonian and look at it there. But on the internet, the pics are in color.

I was surprised at the quote of us being a "white, hippie church." Yeah, we're pretty much white, but I never considered us hippie. Just cause I look like a hippie don't mean that the church is characterized that way. Homeless is not necessarily hippie. We ARE, however, hippie-inclusive.

There are a couple errors in the article. Vikkie had been staying with us for four years since she left her downtown apartment. Near the end of the article is a couple paragraphs about "Brian Long" from Tampa-- but that's Mike Deserio, not Brian. Brian's a long term Portlnd resident and has never opened an art show.

The biggest error are times of the meetings. Gresham is all over by 4pm on Saturday-- we meet between 12 and 2pm. The 4-7 time are the hours for Sunday in SE, not Saturday. I think Jason got that info from the Rose City Resource, published by Street Roots, which has had the times wrong for months now. I gotta fix that.

One last thing. Beginning tomorrow a writer from Portland Monthly magazine is going to be following me around for a week or two. I'm a little spooked to have a stalker looking over my shoulder, but it's fine. Just pray that I don't make any errors in speech, or whatever. That's a long time to be "on the record."

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