Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meet Jimmy M

A self-proclaimed drunk, Jimmy certainly has an alcohol problem. Most of his alcoholic friends have died of liver disease or other health problems due to overuse of alcohol, but Jimmy remains.

Part of this is because of his anger at the police. Jimmy hates having people belittle him. So when Jimmy gets really drunk, he might piss on a cop’s car or threaten a security guard, at which point he goes immediately to jail for a few months and sobers out.

He never harms anyone, he is as gentle as a lamb. And every week at church he assists by carrying heavy loads or cleaning up. He also makes sure that every dog is properly cared for by their owners.

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Steve Kimes said...

Update: Jimmy now works for the Day Shelter network six days a week, helping with security and cleaning up the bathrooms after dozens of showers. He is living inside presently and will soon be off of probation. He still drinks, but not to such a degree that he can't help other people. Jimmy also loves dogs with a passion and spends a lot of time taking care of them.