Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Best Friend


Diane and I had our twentieth anniversary yesterday. It wasn't much. We both had a lot of work to do, so we weren't able to spend more than a half hour together while I dropped her off at work. But we had a great time on Monday, reflecting on memories of the past 20 years and more.

Perhaps you've read my blogs enough to know that without Diane there wouldn't be an Anawim. But without her, I wouldn't be who I am. Twenty years ago I was a religious, judgmental jerk and without her compassion and insistence at looking from the other person's point of view, I would continue to be that judgmental idiot. She taught me how to love with patience and occasional irritation. But without her, my life would be radically different. Without mercy, without understanding. Honestly, without Diane, I wouldn't really understand Jesus.

She and I have been best friends throughout our marriage. Of course, often our spouse was the best refuge in the midst of the storm. We've faced through death threats, deaths of friends, rejection, mental illness (others and our own), hatred and teenagers. God has been with us, but without our human companion, it would have been difficult, if not impossible.

In the middle of complicated issues, we would take a break just by talking about books or songs. We have shown each other just how different the opposite sex can be, and yet we still stayed with each other. Developing trust took time, but we did it.

I laughed today when I saw the card she gave me with the title "Prince Charming" on it. That is about as inaccurate a description I have ever heard of myself, unless you are speaking of the weak jerk in Shrek. But I appreciate it, because it helps me see that she is just as blind about me as she ever was. Perhaps that is a key ingredient for us staying together.

Through all this, I love her and appreciate her more than she can know. I am not myself without her. Without her, I am only half of who God made me to be, and a small man to who I could be in the future. Thank Jesus for putting us together.

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