Friday, January 23, 2009

Meet Mike B

“Diver” is a local celebrity. He’s had a two page article written on him in the Portland Mercury.

He believes in community living and sustaining oneself on the discards of our society. He is a spiritual dumpster diver, and is mystical in his seeking and finding what is needed for himself and those around him in what is commonly called “garbage”.

One of the community was out on the street corner in the freezing wind without even a coat. He told her to wait for her and he came back five minutes later with a blanket, socks and a coat—all found laying in the street or in a dumpster.

He is also a dumpster guru, teaching others on the street his way of diving. He lives on the street sometimes, and sometimes at Pastor Steve’s house, depending on whether he is the radical Christian Diver, or is the addict Diver.

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