Friday, January 23, 2009

Meet Colleen M

When Colleen enters a room, everyone knows it. Often we can hear her coming quite a distance away. She is full of energy, full of emotion, expressing herself without end. At first, her exuberance is infectious and then she wears on one.

She tried to quit drugs for years, but found it difficult, for they helped her deal with her roller-coaster life on the street and in her head. Now she’s been clean and sober for months with the support of many who have cared for her for months. She is beginning to connect with her family again, who is welcoming her with open arms, and is living off the street.

The only problem in her life is her ex-boyfriend who had abused her in the past and is now stalking her. He doesn’t yell at her anymore, and he usually accepts her insistence that he leave her alone. Usually. Sometimes, however, if someone helps her out, he will threaten violence, slash tires or break windshields. So far, it hasn’t gone any further than that.

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