Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weekly Tasks

A reporter from Portland Monthly asked me this morning what my typical day was like. I really couldn't say, so I was going through tasks I did each week. But I don't think I did well at that, either. So here's a list of things I do on a regular basis:

Read the Bible.
Dumpster dive.
Write on my blogs.
Worry about bills or food or volunteers.
Organize meals and worship services.
Homeschool my girls.
Pray for people in Anawim community.
Make a sardonic comment about teenagers.
Watch a movie.
Study a book about the Bible.
Argue philosophy.
Listen to podcasts (especially This American Life and Filmspotting)
Distribute mail.
Collect donations from Fairview, Gresham and St. Johns.
Teach the Bible.
Read the comics.
Go grocery shopping.
Plan out new projects for the house or meals.
Shelter the homeless.
Reorganize and redistribute donations.
Attempt to sidestep arguments between community members.
Pray the Shema and the Lord's prayer.
Network with people who want to minister to the poor.
Make sure my family eats right (or sometimes just 'eats' is enough)
Distribute socks.
Make sure my son gets to school.
Translate the New Testament.
Prepare worship services.
Thank all the volunteers.
Meet new homeless folks.
Convince people to sacrifice their material goods for the poor (even if they're poor)
Be friendly.
Yell at someone. And then apologize.
Be generous with what I have.
Read a novel.
Wash really stinky laundry.
Spend time with my wife.
Read a book to my girls.

Mix it up, add Portland rain and repeat.

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